In fact, we love Swaledale fleeces so much, we’re dedicated to raising the profile of this beautiful breed and the wool they produce. For many years, the sale of the fleece would have covered the cost of shearing the sheep. Sadly, this is no longer the case. Swaledale wool is some of the cheapest on the market and a lot is thrown away or wasted as a result. We’re on a mission to change this and get Swaledale wool the recognition it deserves. While we know there is a long way to go until Swaledale wool is once more as prized as it should be, we’re doing our best to raise its profile and are proud to be working with such a fantastic material. 
Swaledale wool is a great product for a number of reasons. For a start, it’s 100% renewable. Every year, sheep grow new fleeces so we’re not taking anything from Mother Nature when we shear our flock. In fact, shearing sheep every year helps to keep them happy and healthy. 
Secondly, Swaledale wool is incredibly hardwearing. This makes it perfectly suited to carpets and rugs. It’s also a natural insulator, flame retardant and biodegradable. This means that when your Swaledale carpet, rug or jumper comes to the end of its life, you can simply put it in your compost and return its nutrients to the earth. In our effort to promote Swaledale wool, we’re developing new ideas for handcrafted products and inspiring makers and designers to use the material in their work. 
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