I think this has possibly been on of the mildest and wettest winters I can remember, but I think we say that every year, the good thing is that we managed to get a good crop of hay how we managed it I do not know as the weather was un kind to us . Luckily we have plenty to feed over the winter which is always a good feeling. With our sheep not being in lamb we tend not to feed them over the winter only the tups and older ewes get a few nuts although the rams get a special mix which is really expensive. We have decided not to feed fodder beet this winter as some of the sheep are getting older, although i think fodder beet is a great winter fodder , its not great for elderly ewes and their teeth . I did look for a fodder beet chopper but they are hard to come by these days. The main flock of sheep will be moved in a couple of weeks to some nice fresh grass. Their winter grazing is drawing to a close now. Moving the sheep is not as easy as it sounds , the fields have to be to a certain extent dry underfoot .... else the trailer gets stuck ....I will let you know how that one goes ! 
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